St Mark's Lodge 118

Ancient Free and Accepted Masons


Freemasonry is one of the world's oldest and largest fraternal organisations: seeking to make good men better by teaching and encouraging trust, fellowship and charity.




Instituted: November 22nd, 1920.

                           Constituted: July 1st, 1921.


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Grand Lodge of Alberta -  Ancient Free and Accepted Masons.

The Masonic Higher Education Bursary Fund Our Magazine - The Alberta Freemason
The Masonic Foundation of Alberta Masonic Mentor
The Masonic Spring Workshop Grand Lodge Price List
Fiat Lux Lodge of Research #1980 Various Locations throughout the Jurisdiction four times annually
Internet Lodge of Research, 3rd Saturday September, November, and February 1st Saturday in May at 9:00am


Grand Lodge of Alberta - Ancient Free and Accepted Masons - Alpha District.

Lodge Address Regular Meeting
Bow River #1 Freemasons Hall, Calgary 1st Wednesday              
Cascade #5 
Masonic Hall, Banff 2nd Thursday                  
Perfection #9 Freemasons Hall, Calgary 3rd Tuesday                    
Ashlar #28 Freemasons Hall, Calgary

2nd Thursday                 

King Solomon #41 Masonic Hall, Cochrane 3rd Thursday
St. Marks #118 St. Marks Masonic Hall, Calgary 2nd Monday               
Renfrew #134 Freemasons Hall, Calgary 2nd Monday                  
Foothills-Kelvingrove #174 Bowmont Masonic Hall, Calgary 1st Thursday                    


Grand Lodge of Alberta -   Ancient Free and Accepted Masons- Athabasca District.                     

Lodge Address Regular Meeting
Tawatinaw #71 Legion, 4801 - 48th St, Athabasca 2nd Wednesday, tyling at 8:00pm
Strathcona #77 Acacia Masonic Hall, Edmonton 2nd Friday               
Westlock #114 Memorial Hall , Westlock 1st Thursday
Dominion #117 Freemasons Hall, Edmonton 2nd Wednesday     
Waskatenau #154 Masonic Hall, Waskatenau 1st Wednesday
Exemplar #175 Freemasons Hall, Edmonton 1st Thursday            
Balmoral #185 Masonic Hall, St. Albert 1st Wednesday       
Griesbach #191 Acacia Masonic Hall, Edmonton 3rd Monday            
Fort McMurray #195 Senior's Activity Centre Fort McMurray 1st Monday             
Millennium #2000 Senior's Activity Centre Fort McMurray 2nd Thursday           
Aurora Borealis #201 Senior's Activity Centre Fort McMurray 2nd Monday           


Grand Lodge of AlbertaAncient Free and Accepted Masons - Battle River District.                      

Lodge Address Regular Meeting
Camrose #37 Masonic Hall, Camrose 2nd Thursday
Buffalo Park #44 Golf Club, Wainwright 1st Thursday
Beaver #56 Masonic Hall, Castor 1st Wednesday
Provost #61 Lower Level Medical Centre Provst 2nd Wednesday
Harmony #75 Masonic Hall, Sedgewick 2nd Tuesday
Excelsior #80 Masonic Hall, Daysland 1st Thursday
Edgerton #102 Masonic Hall, Edgerton 1st Tuesday
Forestburg-Alliance #128 Masonic Hall, Forestburg 4th Wednesday
Gratton-Connaught #144 Masonic Hall, Irma 3rd Thursday


Grand Lodge of Alberta - Ancient Free and Accepted Masons- Beaverhills District.                        

Lodge Address Regular Meeting
Victoria #13 St. George's Anglican Church
Fort Saskatchewan
2nd Tuesday
Wetaskiwin #15 Masonic Hall, Wetaskiwin 3rd Thursday
Star of the West #34 Masonic Hall, Leduc 1st Tuesday
Palestine #46 Tofield United Church, Tofield 3rd Tuesday
Empire #63 Freemasons Hall, Edmonton 1st Monday               
Commercial #81 Freemasons Hall, Edmonton 3rd Saturday              
Avon Glen #170 Acacia Masonic Hall, Edmonton 1st Wednesday
Sherwood #183 Highlands Masonic Hall, Edmonton 2nd Monday            
Eastgate #192 Freemasons Hall, Edmonton 1st Tuesday
Redwood #193 Highlands Masonic Hall, Edmonton 1st Wednesday          


Grand Lodge of Alberta -Ancient Free and Accepted Masons - Calgary-Highwood District.        

Lodge Address Regular Meeting
Nanton #17 Masonic Hall, Nanton 2nd Thursday
Cornerstone #19 Masonic Hall High River 3rd Thursday       
Corinthian #22 Masonic Hall, Okotoks 1st Tuesday         
Calgary #23 Freemasons Hall, Calgary 1st Friday
Mount Lebanon #54 Freemasons Hall, Calgary 2nd Tuesday       
Zetland #83 Freemasons Hall, Calgary 1st Thursday        
Granite #127 Masonic Hall, Blackie 1st Wednesday
Elbow River #180 Bowmont Masonic Hall, Calgary 1st Tuesday
Glenbow #184 St. Marks Hall, Calgary 1st Thursday        
Lodge Pythagoras 345 U.D. Masonic Hall, Okotoks 4th Thursday in Sept, Nov, Jan, Mar, May


Grand Lodge of Alberta - Ancient Free and Accepted Masons- Central District.                              



 Regular Meeting

Innisfail #8 Masonic Hall, Innisfail

3rd Thursday  

Eureka #10 Masonic Hall, Lacombe 4th Tuesday          
Red Deer #12 Masonic Hall Red Deer

2nd Tuesday       

Mountain View #16 Masonic Hall, Olds

1st Monday        

Britannia #18 Masonic Hall Ponoka 1st Wednesday
Apollo #27 Masonic Hall Stettler

3rd Thursday      

Kenilworth #29 Masonic Hall Red Deer 1st Tuesday         
Kitchener #95 Royal Canadian Legion, Rimbey

2nd Tuesday  

Lochearm #151 Royal Canadian Legion
Rocky Mountain House

2nd Thursday  

Beacon #190 Masonic Hall Red Deer 4th Monday         


Grand Lodge of Alberta - Ancient Free and Accepted Masons - Chinookarch District.                 

Lodge Address Regular Meeting
Alberta #3 Masonic Hall Fort Macleod 3rd Wednesday
North Star #4 Masonic Hall Lethbridge 2nd Monday                  
Chinook-Spitzie #6 Masonic Hall, Cowley 3rd Monday
Sentinel #26 Masonic Hall, Frank 2nd Thursday
Rocky-Summit #30 Masonic Hall, Frank 2nd Tuesday
Cairo #32 Community Centre, Claresholm 3rd Tuesday
Stavely #33 Community Centre, Stavely 1st Tuesday
Lethbridge #39 Masonic Hall Lethbridge 3rd Thursday               
Charity #67 Masonic Hall Lethbridge 3rd Monday
Vulcan #74 Masonic Hall Vulcan 1st Tuesday


Grand Lodge of Alberta -Ancient Free and Accepted Masons - Dinosaur District.                          

Lodge Address Regular Meeting
Gleichen #36 King GeorgeMasonic Hall 1st Tuesday              
Strathmore #53 Namaka Hall, Namaka 1st Monday
Acme #60 Community Centre, Acme 3rd Thursday
Hanna #78 Masonic Hall, Hanna 1st Monday
Symbol #93 Masonic Hall, Drumheller 2nd Thursday
Rockyford #123 Bowmont Masonic Hall 2nd Tuesday
Hussar #130 Masonic Hall, Hussar 4th Monday               
Irricana #137 Masonic Hall, Irricana 3rd Tuesday
Drumheller #146 Masonic Hall, Drumheller 4th Thursday


Grand Lodge of Alberta- Ancient Free and Accepted Masons - Lakeland District.                         

Lodge Address Regular Meeting
Acacia #11 Acacia Masonic Hall, Edmonton 2nd Thursday        
Vermilion #24 Masonic Hall, Vermilion 1st Tuesday
St. John's #25 Vegreville Social Centre 3rd Monday
Norwood #90 Freemasons Hall, Edmonton 1st Tuesday
Dynamic #96 Masonic Hall, Holden 1st Wednesday
Kitscoty #131 Masonic Hall, Kitscoty 4th Tuesday
St. George's #169 Community Centre Elk Point 3rd Tuesday          
Astra #179 Masonic Hall, Cold Lake 3rd Monday
Ye Olde Craft #196 Acacia Masonic Hall, Edmonton 2nd Saturday


Grand Lodge of Alberta- Ancient Free and Accepted Masons - Mighty Peace District.                

Lodge Address Regular Meeting
Peace River #89 Masonic Hall Peace River 3rd Thursday                
Grande Prairie #105 Masonic Hall Grande Prairie 2nd Wednesday         
Lake Saskatoon #106 Masonic Hall, Wembley 1st Thursday except January 2nd Thursday                      
Northland #147 Legion Hall, Fairview 3rd Tuesday                  


Grand Lodge of Alberta- Ancient Free and Accepted Masons - Northern Lights District.                 

Lodge Address Regular Meeting
Jasper #14 Freemasons Hall, Edmonton 5th Saturday
Patricia #91 Freemasons Hall, Edmonton 2nd Tuesday
Saskatchewan #92 Freemasons Hall, Edmonton 2nd Thursday                 
West Edmonton #101 Freemasons Hall, Edmonton 1st Wednesday
Onoway #138 Legion Hall, Onoway 4th Wednesday
Ivanhoe #142 Freemasons Hall, Edmonton 1st Thursday                   
Whitecourt #153 Forest Interpretive Centre, Whitecourt 1st Thursday
Yellowknife #162 Masonic Hall, Yellowknife
Northwest Territories
1st Monday
Evergreen #166 Freemasons Hall, Edmonton

2nd Monday                  

Mystic Tie #188 Freemasons Hall, Edmonton 2nd Wednesday


Grand Lodge of Alberta-Ancient Free and Accepted Masons- Palliser District.                                

Lodge Address Regular Meeting
Medicine Hat #2 Masonic Hall Medicine Hat 2nd Tuesday
Mizpah #35 Masonic Hall Medicine Hat 3rd Tuesday
Bassano #55 Masonic Hall, Bassano 2nd Thursday
Brooks #73 Masonic Hall, Brooks 3rd Monday
Oyen-Crocus #82 Masonic Hall, Oyen 1st Wednesday


 Grand Lodge of Alberta-Ancient Free and Accepted Masons - Phoenix District.                             

Lodge Address Regular Meeting
Carstairs #20 Masonic Hall, Crossfield 2nd Thursday                
King Hiram #21 Masonic-Star Hall, Didsbury 2nd Tuesday
Crossfield #48 Masonic Hall, Crossfield 2nd Tuesday
King George #59 King George Masonic Hall 2nd Friday                
Crescent #87 King George Masonic Hall 2nd Tuesday
Concord #124 Freemasons Hall, Calgary 1st Saturday
[Except on Holiday Weekend
when 2nd Saturday]   
Canada #165 King George Masonic Hall 2nd Wednesday           
Mosaic #176 Bowmont Masonic Hall 2nd Wednesday           
Loyalty #197 King George Masonic Hall 3rd Tuesday
Airdrie Wildrose #2001 Masonic Hall, Crossfield 1st Tuesday


Grand Lodge of Alberta-Ancient Free and Accepted Masons - Yellowhead District.                     

Lodge Address Regular Meeting
Edmonton #7 Freemasons Hall, Edmonton 2nd Tuesday
Edson #68 Masonic Hall, Edson 1st Thursday
Meridian #129 Masonic Hall Stony Plain 2nd Wednesday            
Jasper Park #143 Masonic Hall Jasper 3rd Thursday
Temple-Centennial #167 Highlands Masonic Hall Edmonton 1st Thursday
Highlands-Unity #168 Highlands Masonic Hall Edmonton 2nd Tuesday
Hinton #178 Ramada Inn & Suites Hinton 1st Monday                     
Drayton Valley #182 Masonic Hall Drayton Valley 2nd Thursday
Baseline #198 Pioneer Centre Spruce Grove 1st Tuesday